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Somerset  RC is a multi-interest model airplane club.  We have all types of  aircraft including glow, gas, electric, scale, 3D, sport flying, and  Pattern. The models  vary in size from small electric to 40% gas.  Unfortunately, turbines  are not allowed. We all love to just come out, kick back, and spend some  time sharing stories with fellow modelers.  We have several events for  club members and offer free instruction to  members. So, come on out and be a part of our club.

Meetings are 8:00pm every last Tuesday of the month at:

American Legion Post 306

707 Legion Place

Middlesex, NJ 08846


Spring is on it's way

I'm really anticipating this spring season will finally start to gel and the field will dry out and the park will groom the grass for us.  then I woke up :-(.   anyway it's been a long season but I can see the light.  By May we should be getting some good weather and test fly our winter projects.  Speaking of our winter projects our Somerset RC Expo is coming up at the April meeting so I hope everyone has some good projects to display.  Everyone likes to see what the other guys are doing so it can inspire them and get them energized  for the flying season.  As a prelude of the expo I have posted some pictures from past Expo's for you to look at and get inspired.  Hope to see everyone there on April 24.

Event schedule for 2018

All events will start at 9:00am

1) opening Day, Sunday May 20 Rain/Trump date June 3

2) Big Bird fly in Saturday June 23 Rain/Trump date June 30

3) Electric Fly Saturday, July 21 Rain/Trump date July 28

4) Warbirds Event Saturday August 18 Rain/Trump date August 25

5) End of Season Picnic Sunday, Sept. 23 Rain/Trump date September 30

6) Turkey Fly Saturday, November 17

Also, the dates the park is closed to flying are:

July 4-6

August 5 (control line event)

August 8-10

September 6-9

Contact Us

Better yet, come out and meet us in person!

Somerset RC Club

355 Milltown Road, Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807, United States

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